Some long time since blogging...lots to say and just not saying it!
Really enjoyed performing at the Equations Moving Image Event at Kilburn  in January - thanks to the Toolbank Collective for organising and inviting. I'm working on documentation and will have it on the line soon!

In the meantime, I'm off to York St.John University next week to present my live intermedial nomadic tendencies and go to performances/workshops and all other lovely things at 'Becoming Nomad' - don't suppose I'll have time to see the Minster or much of the inside of the good pubs of York...


I wish I could visit these workshops. I am sure they were amazing and extremely useful.

09/26/2016 7:29am

This time the university is really been able to throw some good party that had really entertained me after all the time there. I was also there in this event that is why I am able to explain.

12/07/2016 1:44am

I'm off to NY now too! Very happy about this! Planning to visit one conference)

01/12/2017 11:59am

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04/08/2017 1:11am

It seems like you really have a hectic schedule right now. But I'm telling you that it's okay to be busy because all of these are blessings! By the way how was your performance in Equations Moving Image Event? I hope it went well. Now that you're about to perform in St. John University, I hope nothing but the best for you.You'll get nervous of course, but I'm sure you will overcome it!


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