_MG_2642 smaller.pngI am an intermedial practitioner, who mixes together video, text, image, sounds, objects and song to create live events, fixed media installations online video texts and audio walks. My practice in all its forms, uses the act of mixing as an exploration of feelings and meanings that emerge at the intersections of the elements in play. I am particularly interested in how these elements can shift, efface, undermine, enhance and enrich each other because of the combinations of which they are part. This practice does not seek coherence or harmony, but is constantly shifting and searching for affective resonance in the conversation between its acts and elements.

I have made this form of work for the past nine years, as live performances, participatory events, installations, one to one experiences, workshops and online video texts. The practice is consistently exploratory and inquiring in nature; its knowledge and the findings of the work happen in and through its making. My most recent research interest is the ways in which this intermedial practice intersects with wild urban landscapes and a shared quality of wildness in cities, digital processes and natural growth.

Query 10 smallerAlongside this, I am also an academic researcher with a broad interest in performance practices making creative uses of digital technologies, particularly when those technologies are integrated into the meaning and feeling-making of the work. In writing about and responding to my work and that of others working with technologies in this way, my interests are as follows:

  • What feeling states and relationships are formed in intermedial works between performers and digital technologies?
  • How do digital computational processes entwine with the live happening of the performance event and in what ways?
  • How does the positioning and activation of computational processes in live events change how they feel for performers, participants and audiences?