Publications/ Presentations


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Papers, Presentations and Keynotes

June 2018, ‘Intermedial Practices in the Wildscapes of Salford’, invited presentation for User Not Found symposium at the University of Reading
June 2018, ‘It’s cowboy country up there’: Ruination and Ruinenlust in the wilds of Broughton’, PaR presentation for ISTR: Regions, Ruins and Regeneration, University of Lincoln
March 2018, Invited discussant response to performances, Critical Care Symposium, London South Bank University
September 2017, ‘The Broughton Oratory: Working with Digital Materials to create a Mobile Materiality’, presentation for TaPRA, University of Salford
September 2016, ‘Writing and Practice as Research’, invited workshop for PaRNET group, University of Leeds
September 2016, ‘Hidden in plain sight: autobiography and online sharing’, presentation for Performance and New Technologies Working Group at Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA) Annual Conference, University of Bristol
June 2016, ‘Mixing media ‘constellations’: musical history and place in live intermedial practice’, presentation for Intermediality in Theatre and Performance Working Group, International Federation of Theatre Research (IFTR), University of Stockholm
November 2015, ‘Sampling Salford: musical quotation and the female voice’, presentation for Women in Sound/Women on Sound symposium, Lancaster University
September 2015, ‘Memorative signs and material constituents: Live media practice and the activation of popular music’, lecture-demonstration for the Performance and New Technologies Working Group at TAPRA 2015, University of Worcester 
May 2015, ‘Distanced Proximity: The Live Intermedial Network’ and ‘Working Net’, invited talk and performance at Open: Network Agora, Live at LICA, University of Lancaster
April 2015, ‘The aesthetics of intermedial interactivity’, presentation at International Society for Intermedial Studies Conference: Play, Perform, Participate, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
April 2015, ‘Nostos/Algia: Exploring a sonic past through a live media present’, lecture-demonstration at TaPRA Performance and New Technologies Interim Event, Manchester Metropolitan University
March 2015, ‘Practice as Research and Emergent Methodologies’, invited seminar at the University of Kent, Canterbury
January 2015, ‘Reflexivity and Emergence: Research as a complex system’, invited keynote address, Performing Research, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London
September 2014, ‘Making New’, presentation and provocation for TAPRA New Technologies Working Group, TAPRA 2014, Royal Holloway University
July 2014, ‘Formation and Cut – the distinct stratification of live media performance’ at FIRT/IFTR, University of Warwick
February 2014, ‘Inter-constructions: Hybrid creative processes in live intermedial practice’ at the Merging Media Conference, University of Kent
September 2013, ‘Autopoiesis in Live Intermedial Performance – Loops and Systems’, paper and presentation for the Performance and New Technologies Working Group at TAPRA 2013, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow
July 2013, ‘Confrontation and Contradiction: The Site of Encounter in Live Intermedial Performance’, paper for the Intermediality Working Group at FIRT/IFTR Barcelona
July 2013, ‘Lines of Flight’, presentation for Intermedial Perspectives Symposium at De Montfort University, Leicester
June 2013, ‘Transmitted Thoughts: Who is the Receiver?’, Praxis Session with Deirdre McLaughlin at PSi 19, Stanford University, San Francisco
May 2013, ‘Divergence/Convergence: Reflecting on Digital Interactivity and the Construction of Self in Collaborative Processes’, collaborative paper presentation with Deirdre McLaughlin for ‘On Collaboration II’ at Middlesex University
April 2013, ‘Lines of Flight: Conditions of Precarity in Live Media Performance’, Presentation for Becoming Nomad: Hybrid Spaces, Liquid Architectures and Online Domains – TaPRA Performance and New Technologies Interim Event, York St John University, 10th April 2013
September 2012, ‘A State Between’,  Paper for Live Interfaces Conference, ICSRiM, School of Music, University of Leeds, 7th and 8th September 2012