Breton Song

A visit to Brittany prompted this short solo performance for the Sonic Fusion Festival at MediaCityUK in Salford. Mixing together footage of the trip, samples of traditional song and field recordings, this piece represented the first of series of works that used intermedial practice to express and explore aspects of a given place. This continued in the Salford Samples Series and in the most recent works, responding to the Broughton area of Salford and its ‘wildscapes’.

Though the performance was not documented, the publicity for the piece is included below, along with an excerpt from the score, which gives a flavour of what I was trying to achieve:

This live set weaves together sounds and images of the landscape and wildlife of Brittany to generate a shifting intermedial space. The material for the piece includes footage of the area, as well as sounds, texts, movements and objects, which are responses to my time there. The focus of the set is on the live activation of such material in combination to create a multi-layered space, which evokes, remembers and represents the natural environment of Brittany and my relationship with it.

Screenshot 2018-05-02 16.09.54

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