The Broughton Oratory

This fixed media exhibit explored responses to and representations of the area of Broughton from the incomer/outsider perspective of a newly arrived resident. Video footage of the area was combined with original texts and music, along with field recordings, to form a shifting journey through some of the contrasting aspects of the lived environment in this area.

The footage was housed in a wooden exhibit case on wheels (see below), which toured local venues, including the Angel Centre, Broughton Trust, New Adelphi Arts Centre and Broughton Hub.

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Visitors to these venues were invited to pick up headphones to listen and watch the exhibit, as well as offering responses to what they saw through writing on specially designed Broughton postcards (see below):

The footage that was housed in the exhibit is available below:

A selection of responses to the Broughton Oratory is also included:

Very atmospheric and captured the contrast in the area well – a good ‘outsider’s’ point of view

Every day I walk or drive past what I believe it just brick building square structures when really there is so much more, very informative in fact beautiful. I will now go on an adventure

There is a huge juxtaposition between places like Broughton and Media City. In Broughton itself, the contrast between waste and nature, somehow surviving. A thought-provoking and poetic exhibit

Great river and waterfall shots. So green here. Love the trees. Shame about the litter…

Travelling through the indifference, trying to grasp the possibility of closeness, the path, the passing…

Finding beauty in the banal, the overlooked, the unobserved, the forgotten, the lost… Lovely

Thoughts of being alone, ostracised, timetravelling back to a place that has been forgotten. The music and whispers have a very seductive easiness…


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