DRHA Presentation 2020: ‘Stirring the Agential Soup’

Thought I’d share this ‘dress rehearsal’ recording of my presentation at the Digital Research in Humanities and the Arts (DRHA) conference at the Digital Curation Lab at the University of Salford.

Conference presentations delivered via video conferencing technologies are always a challenge, but the silver lining of that particular cloud is that you can be left with a share-able digital record of the content AND mode of presentation (as opposed to a paper copy that does not necessarily activate the manner of presenting OR a wide angle video of the live presentation that also often misses the visuals in play).

I am really interested in what is opened up about how conference presentations can be activated through delivering them in these new spaces, taking advantage of the focus on the desktop space. Inspired by Oliver Zahn’s In Praise of Forgetting Part 2 that I saw at GIFT Festival and which is referenced in this presentation, I like the idea of exploding the ‘tighter’ spaces of conjoined and merged media in formats such as powerpoint or Prezi (or even in an edited video) into floating, moving, happening fragments of content on a desktop that are mixed and choreographed in real time and where the rough edges of the mix and mode of activation are highlighted:

Many thanks to the DRHA, Toni and the Digital Curation Lab at the University of Salford for curating and hosting such a great event.

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