New publications for the new year

Excited about two new publications which both came out in December 2021:

Postdigital Place-Mixing in the Wild City

The first is a chapter in Liam Jarvis and Karen Savage’s collection, Avatars, Activism and Postdigital Performance: Precarious Intermedial Identities (abstract below)

This chapter opens up processes of ‘place-mixing’ in wild urban landscapes. Place-mixing is a digital mixing practice arising from encounters with the city, which pays particular attention to wild forces, feelings and happenings in play. Framed through a mix of perspectives, including  postdigital theory, ideas of wildness and thoughts on the position of place-making in the redevelopment of cities, the chapter specifically addresses place-mixing in and of ‘urban wildscapes’ – city places where ‘natural as opposed to human agency appears to be shaping the land’ (Jorgensen in Jorgensen and Keenan 2012: 1). In these dense environments, the practice is formed through encounters between the digital device, place and body, bringing the abundant, organic processes of the wildscape into discourse with the overflowing computational processes of the device. The chapter concludes by proposing a collection of resonant concepts and practices around the wild city, which emerge from the place-mixing processes described.

A datalogical reading of online performance

The second is an article in the International of Performance Arts and Digital Media, titled ‘A datalogical reading of online performance’. It’s an open access article, so you can read the full text here.

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