Wilding the Smart City – Sound walks available through Echoes

The latest outputs from my current research project, Wilding the Smart City, are now available to download and experience through the free mobile app, Echoes.

Wilding the Smart City is a practice as research project which aims to explore the capacity of creative digital practices to highlight and reveal elements of wildness in city landscapes, particularly nonhuman processes at play in smart city infrastructures and wild urban nature.

In this new phase of my ongoing explorations of urban wildness through digital mixing practices, I am addressing nonhuman qualities of wildness that are present in ‘smart’ digital processes and in wild urban nature. I have pursued this inquiry through the creation of two sound walks in the city of Manchester, both of which are available to download through clicking the links below.

The Wild Nature Trail sound walk guides participants on a circular route through central Manchester. It reveals and highlights the presence and activity of wild nature in the city, in the form of plants, trees and waterways that exist in overlooked, abandoned or in-between spaces.

Wanders in the (Wild) Smart City also guides participants on a circular route through Manchester. This sound walk explores the networked digital processes that are happening all around us in new, smart cities, through technologies which are embedded in the urban environment, but which often remain invisible to us.

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