Working Net

This bar performance for the ‘Networked Bodies’ Digital Weekender at Watermans Art Centre, near London, explored different modes of connectivity … More


Who do you love? What goes on in your mind? Where have all the good times gone? Query is a … More


Dear auto-player(s), You are cordially invited to join me for 10 minutes of intermedial interactions. There will be a clear … More

Transmitted Thoughts #1 and #2

These two collaborative events with Deirdre McLaughlin were created in 2012 and 2013. In both performance events, my live intermedial practice … More


Taking the city as its starting point, this live set for a night of audiovisual work at the Kingsgate Gallery … More


re-cite is a live intermedial experiment. At the hub of this durational installation is a performer, weaving threads of sound, image, … More


Cover is a durational intermedial installation. You are welcome to stay as long as you like in the space and to … More

The Mark of Affect

The raw material for this piece is ‘marks of affect’ offered by a variety of individuals, all of which represent … More